ok, kind of a noobish question...

Ok, so I’m making this awesome Horror FPS game in blender called, “A Nightmare You Won’t Forget”. And it’s been going good and all with modeling so far. So here’s the deal, the other day my one friend asked me, so now that we’re going to animate it… how do you make the gun trace the mouse? like follow it. And i didn’t have any idea, so I searched High and low and can’t figure out how. So you got any suggestions?

Oh oh oh, I can already tell this is Gangstagaret :rolleyes: NO seriously it is. Um anyways didnt you just say something about " death temple" or whetever? So are you asking the same thing. To look around with the movement of the mouse, but now you asking how the gun moves with it. Well its very simple, alls you do is parent the gun to the camera, or vise versa. But wait now you need to know how to look around with the mouse…well for that. I dont know, and I wouldnt bother to ask, for everyone will say “search the forums” but then your like " I did" and then it will just turn into arguments. But yh just do CTR. P. So long…

Search “mouselook script”

Just so you know there has been a bug in 2.42a that I believe will be fixed in the next release. If you run across an example that doesn’t work it is important you know this.
The method that works right now is Social’s.


Pay no attention to Meat Beater. He’s getting a little paranoid.

Sure is XD hahahaha

No it just bugs me that the same person would post 2 threads asking the same thing just with diferent names. I mean most of the time anybody asks for a mouselook script they nevcer get it. What happend to all of the other 8 projects, cause you changed your mind again within about 12 hours.

I know this is Garet because Death Caverns was by Garet and now it says enmpire12… now its just empire ( caugh caugh)

hmmmm… I see… (No irony nor Sarcasm here…)

@Marshal: I never changed my idea :wink: this is the same idea as death caverns it just has a better title, it was always going to be a horror, same storyline and everything.

Later on when I make great progress in the Game I’ll post a WIP thread but not anytime soon :smiley: So later!

Dude… Deep Breath…nevermind…


What happened to the pong clone?

Hes young, he doesnt want to work on pong, he wants to work on somthing fun & intresting to make while neglecting the learning side of things. :rolleyes:

As i said before, just leave him to make (try) what ever he wants to, as it seems he wont listen t our advise your better to just not bother giving any. :rolleyes:


Seems reasonable…

Actually if you remember the recent bullet contest entries. Spike had one where you were in FPS view shooting out an insane amount of bullets and knocking things down all over the place.

That FPS script and view worked really nicely. It would be a pretty good template to work on a FPS from.

Jason Lin

Alls I ask is to stop posting threads until its something that you are totally stumped on, Im sure if you sent a message asking the same thing to 10 people. 9 out of 10 of the people would know. Its just not that important. Plus these type of FPS questions probably get asked 10+ times in a month. And most of the time they are unanswered. I know you said that if you dont try then you wont learn, but you change the story so many times that your not really learning anything. Lets just put it this way. Before you were here there was probably 65 percent less hatred and arguments…

And why would make a whole new thread just to say that you changed the name of the game???

Ask Scabootssca for his mouse script, it’s excelent, and works flawlessly in 2.42a

No, there are actually some problems with scaboots setup.


I’ve had none, and use it extensively.

Heh, define “extensively”.

Which of the setups are you using? The one I’m talking about here is the Walkabout setup on his site.

Maybe he made the fixes already?

Ok, I tried like at least 5 different FPS Mouslook scripts including Socials and none work on my OS, Mac OSX 10.3.9, so is there a reason? Do I have to find a spectial mac one?

For some reason, mac mice don’t seem to work with mouselook scripts. I tried it once on my friend’s mac and it went really screwy.