ok what processor is better

ok what processor is better processor “# 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo” or “# 3.40GHz Intel celeron D” im not sure so please tell me

Edit: The 2 core duo is probably dual core, so that means more overall speed.
I have a Pentium D 3.40ghz dual core. :smiley:

There is no answer to your question because they have different architectures and performance will be a result of the application.

But judging from your post, you probably don’t have the patience to research your specific needs, so just get the one that costs the most money.

ya ive done a little research im kinda new to the processors and stuff since im 13 and only been doing blender for about 8 months and once i started blender then i started to care about it

aint core2duo also a dual core? from what i heard, it’s core2duo that’s better… they say better than AMD athlon 64x2…

Get the C2D, it’s faster. I wouldn’t get the Celeron D even if they offered it for free :yes:


Yes, Core 2 Duo is dual core. And it is better than any Pentium 4, Celeron D, Athlon 64 X2 or whatever is available today.
Here is a nice article comparing many CPUs:

Yea there’s a good chance that even one core of the Core 2 Duo at 2.16GHz is faster than the Celeron D at 3.4GHz, for multithreaded rendering it should be about twice as fast without exaggeration :slight_smile:
Celeron D is a Pentium 4 with crippled cache, slower FSB, and no HyperThreading, so pretty much the worst performance per MHz you can find out there, while the Core 2 Duo is just about the opposite (in the x86 world at least).

And just to prevent misconception: Celeron D is not a dual core CPU, in contrast to the Pentium D (and of course the Core 2 Duo)…

Any cpu with the name “Celeron” is crap. Intel sell those as cheap watered down versions of the real processors. Similar with AMD processors, anything with the name “Duron” you should stay away from.
Celeron and Duron processors are certainly not good for any 3d work.

hey! anyone wanna sell their Celeron to me? lol
i guess i’d buy any cheap priced unit that’s faster than 500MHz, 192MB unit (that’s my pc currently)

Well the Pentium D is based off of the Pentium 4 core. The P4 started out at ~1.5Ghz and was designed to scale up to 10Ghz. However, the Intel guys quickly found out that it could only get that high if it had a very very good cooling system. For example, the fastest over clocking I ever heard of with the P4 was 7Ghz and that was with liquid nitrogen cooling. Not something you want to put in grandma’s living room.

So, Intel scrapped the P4. And went back to the P3 (which itself was based off the P2 which came from the Pentium Pro). They beefed it up a little and sold it as the Pentium M. That chip worked so well, they kept upgrading it by adding more SSE instructions/optimizations to it. The Core came next, followed by the Core 2. So basically, if you are doing 3d rendering, there is no comparison whatsoever between the Pentium D and a Core chip. Go with the Core. Or, if that’s too expensive, go AMD. Almost any AMD chip on the market today will beat out the Pentium D.

I’ve got a few old Celerons here, but they are less than 500Mhz and I live on the other side of the ocean…
Anyway, Mhz is not the only factor involved in processor speed/capability. It is a term often used (ubused?) for marketing purposes. Most of those dirt cheap pc specials at chain stores are usually Celerons, with way too little ram. But they will catch many people who only know about ‘Mhz’. A good processor at lower clock frequency would normally outperform a Celeron or Duron.
Here’s Wikipedia’s entry of Celeron and the Duron.

I’ve got a few old Celerons here, but they are less than 500Mhz and I live on the other side of the ocean…

oh, too bad… :frowning:

get the core duo.

The pentium architecture is obselete b/c of the core architecture.

So the bottom line is basically what valarking said? You get what you pay for?

That is only half of what VK said. The other half is also true (and wiser): do a bit of research and find out for yourself which is the best processor for your purposes.

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