“You can seek your own truth, faith in which will be unshakable. You can follow your own goal, which would guide you. You may have hope that still warms in you. And you may even be right.
But, the traitor has no excuse. And he will not repent, there will be no forgiveness. Only his sentence is true. And sentence is death.
Mortem effugere nemo potest!”

This is my recent artwork, based on my project that’m currently working on. I tried to achieve some watercolor effect, using Blender compositing tools, as well as painting and adding additional filters, using Krita and Photoshop.

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P.S. I’ll make a short animation, based on this scene someday. Someday…


very nice work man !!!

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When diplomacy Fails, Use threats - - Sublime work, Amazing - - $

Time-less art, Superbly done - -

You do know Christian knights rarely execute their own, since they’re actually monks, that live in monasteries, Just make sure you represent the source material, to me it sounds more like what Roman soldiers did or, perhaps Japanese Shogun samurai, they had extreme sentences for mutiny and, abandoning ones post - -

Actually, the worst punishment you can get in a Catholic church, by any priest, or bishop is excommunication, meaning you’re not welcome in church, and can’t receive the Lord’s table, ie. the wine and, the bread . .

You want to make them look like Romans or, Spartan warriors, or perhaps vikings or, even celts . . They had brutal warrior ethics, often compounded with fear, to enforce moral and, discipline - -$


solid work man!

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This is dope looking. An animation in this style would be awesome.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I believe you’re thinking of the religious military orders (such as the Templars) formed during the Crusades. Knighthood predates the Crusades, and nothing I’ve read suggests that that all knights joined Church sponsored-military orders during the Crusades. Regardless, there were secular orders of knighthood starting in the 1300s.