Oktoberfest mascot

here’s a character concept that i’m working on; the purpose is to convince a client (tulsa oktoberfest) that the company i work for can do 3D animation (well, can be done by ME ;)), and use this little guy as their new mascot/ad campaign.

i’m sort of going after the style of the dwarves in “happily n’ever after”. i’ll be texturing everything, and adding a few more clothing items (suspenders and such); here’s what i’ve got so far:

flyaround view: http://www.vimeo.com/5623811


Bring me the beeeerrrrr…

looking good already, but don’t forget some important cliché features of a typical bavarian guy…

have a look here: http://www.gtev-chiemgauviertler-amerang.de/html/de_tracht.html

notice the hairy bush (Gamsbart) attached to the hat, the “wade socks” and the suspenders, of course :wink:

There are also lots of variantions in the traditional dressings, depending on the region…

mmmm. beeeeerrrrrrr…

thanks, zapman :slight_smile: i guess the design most closely matches that of the barefoot little boy, altho i’m going off of a mascot they already have. he’s just a big costume tho, so i wanted to make him look a little better :wink:


ahh, I see… :slight_smile:
In this case your model looks much nicer than the real one! Good job!

err, and just for the record, the oktoberfest is supposed to look a bit more like this: http://www.fotos-online.de/previews/03/21/321722.jpg
Otherwise one could get the impression that there is no sun in Munich… :wink:

hey i just work here :wink:

man i’d love to go to an authentic german oktoberfest :smiley: perhaps when i’m a bit older…

Huhuahuahua, here in Brazil we have the oktoberfest at city of Blumenau, http://www.manualdoturista.com.br/fotos/BRSCBlumenauOktoberfest.jpg.
They drink, drink, drink…