Old Alley

This piece I’ve been working on for one week. It’s not 100% finished but it’s getting there but I am loving it so far :eyebrowlift:


Nice! Love the mustache :slight_smile:

Awesome!! Robots with mustaches!! Brilliant!

Great man … a good idea :smiley:

Thanks everybody :wink:

Looks awesome so far!

Thanks once more! :slight_smile: I finally got my image in photoshop for some touch up fun. Here’s what I’ve got now. I think it’s much better.

How did you make that Ivy? With the Ivy script or by hand?

BTW loving the scene so far, not many Robots around with moustaches :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a neat image, I like the concept. :slight_smile: Could need a little more fill light in the shadows though, perhaps with a tint of green. Looks better though in the post production.