Old Alley

My first post in here, hope you’ll like it. Cycles Renderer.

Hey, this is a good one.

WOW ya man this is a good one! Very impressive feel and detail…I can tell there is more there than what meets the eye as far as geometry detail. Are those bricks on the ground individual or a high detail displacement texture? Congrats and welcome glade to have you here:)

Happy Blending!

nice job mannnn

grats I really like this image! I think the only thing that is a little bit under quality in comparison with the rest is the texture of the close wall which lacks a good bump and is slightly washed in some area, and the barrels. These two elements in my opinion ruin a bit the greatness of the render.

Anyway great job!! :wink:

Nice scene! i have the same feeling with the wall texture, the rest looks impressive and realistic. Maybe you can put some nature in the scene ( grass, plants)

good luck :slight_smile:

The scene looks very nice, great job!! Just the barrels that looks a little fake to me. Maybe their texture seems too much clean.

yeh the overall composition and lighting is excellent here,the thumbnail really appeals to me.

but when you see the higher res,like others have said,the texturing work lets it down.If more time was spent on those areas this would be A+ work!

Wow. That looks real!

nicely done, man

Wow! nice first post. welcome to the forum :wink: though I agree with others in that the thumbnail looks better then the full res image.

You’re sure that is no photograph ;). Looking great.

Thanks everybody for the feedback, i’ll correct the textures later, if I have time.

The bricks are individual. Sorry for answering so late :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice scene! :slight_smile:

Very nice lighting but imho at least the arc and the barrels would need to be a little more detailed.

No way, no way, that’s gotta be an image! Congrats on this fantastic render.

Very photorealistic and nice composition too. I like that you have a nice line for the eye to follow and a good center of attention. This should be featured.