Old and forgotten concrete wall.


I am done with a picture of mine.
Rendered in Cycles, postwork in Photoshop.
Let me know what you think.
Oh, and thank you Julian H for the Wagon and Seppel for the tree. (from Blendswap)


Very cool - looks like concept art for a game. Would you mind sharing the render out of Blender vs. the finished piece? It would be cool to see your process, as I sometimes use Blender (especially for help with architecture and perspective) and then draw on lighting in Photoshop.

Here you have the pure render about 1800 passes compared to the final Photoshop image.
This is actually two renders, one with a depth of field and one without, then I masked the areas I wanted blurred.
I did this because I hard a hard time finding a good focus point for the whole image.


oooh quite nice! good work though the warning sign should maybe be more faded and the rocks sunk into the mud

Lovely, the raindrops are a nice touch.

Wow looks really good. Can you post a wire frame of that?

I love that it looks very realistic. You heave water dropplets on the camera and stuff witch makes it look more natural.
I really enjoy that picture

VEry well done congratulations!

Here you got a Open GL render of the scene. It’s just showing about 10% of the particles used in the render.