Old Baseball and Leaf

Glad to finally be finished with this one. A still life of an old baseball and a leaf. rendered and composited in Blender Internal.

Full size:

awesome work as usual. I guess my only crit would be the laces appear to be intruding instead of protruding from the ball. I would have gone for actually modeling the laces with a path. The leaf is a little too generic looking for my tastes too I suppose.

But that’s just me searching for things to criticize. It’s an excellent job. Some people have hundreds of posts and no works of their own to show (which is fine whatever floats the boat) You are not one of those people :). Keep it up.

yep same thought, I think you should inverse your normal map (or bump map, whatever)

Thanks. :yes:
The inverted normals were definitely a mistake. I’ll try and maybe post a corrected version at some point. About modeling the laces though I originally did. (It looked pretty bad. Couldn’t keep them constricted to the ball mesh. Everything was a high poly mess, lol.:o)

you could try curves to keep them on the right way (i never tried but i think you can command arrays with curves)

also, where the laces are the ball “skin” should be divided in two pieces, with a little pit that follows the laces’ path.
it should be preety simple to make, maybe with sculpt

Wow! One of the best BI renders I’ve seen around. I wish this could be on one of Blender’s promo images one day. Though I second the lace going inwards instead of protruded, but I do believe you haven’t done that intentionally. Really great!



As a render this is very nice, but it would benefit a lot, from my opinion, if you would have modeled the stitching of the ball as well, as this is a closeup after all.

I would work under textures a bit more. The ball looks like made of concrete, the texture on the ground is not sharp. The leaf should have a bit of translucency or SSS - right now it looks like a piece of cloth.