Old building 3D visualisation, different shading

Greetings Blender community!

I am working on a project with a final goal of having an old building modeled, textured and then rendered and presented inside 3D visualisation environment. Also, collision and physics are added and it is meant to enable a virtual walk inside building.

Environment: Blender 2.70a, Windows 8. Dual core Pentium and a GTX 260. Render: Blender render

Current workflow was this one: 3D geometry was created in SketchUp, together with pasted textures. That model was extracted into .obj format that I am working on now inside Blender. The reason for .obj is that end using application inside 3D vis. environment works best with .obj. Altered file from Blender is then exported to .obj again and visualised in Open Scene Graph viewer. This is because end 3D visualiser has simiral engine to OSG and changes made in Blender can quickly be checked in OSG to see results similar to final. Also, model is sometimes sent to final 3D vis. to see how it looks. (When I say 3D, I mean that it is presented with 3 projectors on 3 sides and then observed with NVidias 3D glasses with appropriate software. )

Currently, model is being altered and fixed, as there were some problems that occured in conversion to .obj. Also, lost of work is being done on altering interior, pasting textures on furniture and overall work on good look in interior.

Problem is in different shading or representation of textures in render. When I visualise .obj file in OSG and few times in 3D vis. , I notices different ‘shading’ or looks of textures originating from SketchUp and those added later in Blender. I am sure there is some parameter to adjust so the textures have similar look? In attached ‘Front render, different shading’, you can see especially in last window row, how wall texture is darker then the window frame. That is the problem I saw in final 3D vis. also. Front wall texture around the windows that have a wooden frame inside are much more darker and less lively then the actual wooden frame I added to just these 6 windows in Blender.

I also attached image from OSG, that is very good showing the problem in different shading. Maybe some ‘global’ shading option can be selected?

Please, advise me on possible help.

Also, I have some problems in interior, shown on next picture. The outframe of the window ‘catches’ texture from the front wall. If I change the texture to some of the textures of interior walls, the whole front outside wall also takes that texture. I am new to using UV mapping and texturing tools, and I am mostly confused with what textures in general are those displayed in the right side menu, together with material choosing and other, and what textures are those listed in UV editor. They tend to have different names, and if I change one, where is the impact?

Are those in the right general ‘global’ textures imported into file, and in UV editor I choose individual one assigned to specific selected surface? Difference in textured and rendered view also confuses me… a good tutorial suggestion would be very welcome :D.

I would be glad to post final results upon acceptable results.

Please advise me with proper guidelines to enhance the look,

Update :
I made some progress in the interior textures mentioned problem: assigning material to surfaces that I want to have same texture is the way to go, as it seems…
All help is still very welcome ! :slight_smile: