Old cabin

Hello there.

I am currently working on an old cabin. Right now, the shapes look pretty straight and not very broken, but I will model the cabin this way first, and then make the top of the roof slope into the middle and have panels missing and all of that good stuff.

Here is what I have so far:


Everything is modelled, so no bump maps or anything are used.

looks good, though the walls look very thick
maybe it’s insulated with straw bales?
and please get rid of the default blue background.

If you’re talking about the depth of the openings of the windows and the door, those are not representing the depth of the walls. I just dragged them a bit to get a hole in there.


I started breaking down the roof a bit.

I’m really liking this. Skomakarn can I get a count of verts? What are you planning on doing with it?


Started working on the door.

I am just doing this for the render, so it’s high poly. All rocks building up the chiminea are actual meshes, and so are the roof tiles and the wood. 306351 vertices at the moment. I don’t know if the extra vertices on the rocks are counted at the moment. I am using the subdivision modifier on them, but I haven’t applied it.


That’s some really nice modeling you got there:yes: Hopefully your computer can handle the amount of geometry… Are you gonna do any texturing?

My computer doesn’t have any problems so far. If I get problems, I’ll just hide some layers while working.
I do sure hope I can force myself to do the texturing, and finish up the entire scene.


Added stones around the entire foundation, and I am currently covering the porch in wood.
I’ve also fixed some stuff on the other short side, which obviously cannot be seen from this view.


Finished up the porch.