Old Camcorder Timestamp


I’ve already searched the Internet, but I didn’t find anything.
I want a timestamp on my Videos, like you know them from old Camcorders or from paranormal activity :D.
It should has the time in a Format like this (ss:mm:hh) and the date like (dd mm yyyy).
But it should not be the real time and date.
For example, I want to have the 26.11.1998 at 9:00am, with counting seconds.
And when it’s possible, I want to use a custom font, like VCR-OSD-MONO.
I have attached an example to this post.

The next Thing is, but ist not very necessary ,when the seconds reach 60, the Minute should increase by 1 and when the minutes reach 60, the hours should increase by 1. And when the hours reach 24, the Day should increase by 1 etc.

I hope you can help me.



I think there’s some scripts or add on floating around. I wrote an LED counters one and I think I even have a small one for time. They use an actual text object though, which would be parented to the camera, you could put it on a separate render layer. I can try to dig it up if you don’t find anything.

I give you the Randomiser addon http://bensimonds.com/2014/04/02/randomiser-add-on/

Alternatively you could turn on the timestamp function and change the frame range to suit your preferred time of day…

Thanks to 3pointEdit for the Randomiser addon, I have found a way, how to add a timestamp to my Videos. A tutorial for People who want to add a timestamp to their Videos:

  1. Download the Randomiser addon http://bensimonds.com/2014/04/02/randomiser-add-on/
  2. Enable the randomiser addon and create a new text object
  3. Go to the Object Data Tab “The F Symbol” and tick "Randomise
  4. Now, set the Frames to your fps (if your Video has 30 fps then set the Frames to 30 etc.)
  5. Next, set Generate Method to Clock
  6. Adjust the hour and minutes to your desired time
  7. To get the correct seconds, adjust the Frame range to your desired seconds.
  8. To add the date, you can just create a new text object, and type in the date there.

To get the timestamp in your Video, you can use the Video Sequence Editor.