Old cartoon man

hey guys, I sculpted him in zbrush, and everthing else in blender and minor postpro in photoshop.

hope u guys like this one

first time i tried to use subsurface scattering aswell

the iris looks a bit oval and you might have overdone it with the sss :stuck_out_tongue:

but i think you got the overall proportions pretty well done

hello , thx :slight_smile: well the proportion woul not be good if it had been a realistic character :stuck_out_tongue: but for a cartoon i like it : ) there isent really super strong rules on cartoons on the proportions :slight_smile:

btw I agree on the sss i find it that i get better and faster results without the sss :stuck_out_tongue: but well they say u should use it so … :stuck_out_tongue: