Old Castle

Hello BlenderArtists! My castle is up on TurboSquid for only $1! Buy it now! Lol, but if you want to support me, please do.

Fixed Link:

broken link.
please attach an image preview

ahh, at the moment it is not publicly available, still awaiting review… In the meantime, some screenshots.

More Screens:

More screens:

Well it’s worth the one dollar :wink: nice modeling, but texturing is way too procedural. There should be some moss and vines creeping up from the bottom of the walls… stuff like that

Thanks for the comments Greg, well I was thinking of that, but decided that if there was any more work done to it, I’d have to make it $2 xD, it already took me quite some time to complete the modeling and texturing, had to create some of the textures and custom normal maps as well.

Fixed link: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/blend-old-castle/611084