Old Dry Stone Wall

Lots of these where I used to live.

I’ve built one or two myself and fixed up quite a few.

Easier on the fingers in Blender!


What a nice job !
Typical provençal dry stone wall :slight_smile:

How did you do to draw the stones ? One by one ? particles ? …

I made about a quarter of the wall one stone at a time then repeated it with a few small adjustments for the rest. Put a bit of randomness into the material to reduce any chance of obvious repeats. DoF helps in that regard too.
Some of the grass is from GrassFree and some is my own. Blue flowers are from a scene I did a while ago. For the tree I used the skin modifier to model the main parts, branches and leaves are particles. Mist is a volume shader with noise and gradient textures.
Learned a fair bit doing making this one.

man this is amazing
it almost looks like a fuger toy scene, nice work
the DOF made it even great

Very nice. Good composition. The color of the rocks is a bit uniform. If you used a “normal” node you could get the rocks to be weathered differently on top and bottom. I used that recently in Heart of the forest to get some algae on the rock to the left.

Maybe the focus depth is too narrow? It gives an impression of a small object typically. Anyways, great job. Is it in #featured already? :wink: