Old Dynamo

(Aorta) #1

Latest render:

I have been working on this for 2 days now. Wanted to post about its progress. Just quickly threw some materials on it, so proper texturing is nowhere yet, and some of the modelling is still WIP. CnCs are welcome as always.

(RickyBlender) #2

I like anything electrical
are you going for high res realist model ?

looks very brand new
outside cast iron should be rougher then that !
some of the bolts nuts are low poly
and many edges are too sharp = low poly

are you following a given old model and which one ?

happy bl

(Benny_Flex) #3

Good job, one :hearts: for the details.

(Mark06GT) #4

Looks like a fun little project. What are you using for reference material?

(Aorta) #5

There are no textures yet. Thats why it looks brand new. I always finish modelling before texturing. I just put some basic shaders on it, so it wont look like clay. I used hard ops for the most part for the edges and I sharpend them a bit too much, I agree. Im trying to go as low poly as possible, because I want to sell this model when I’m done with it and I want the model to be useful. Still a bit too high poly. There is an actual dynamo that i’am using as a basis for modelling, howere I lost the image and google doesn’t want to show it anymore and there was no name, ortype associated with that image.

(Aorta) #6

Since I lost the image that served as a reference, I am using every dynamo picture that I can find and looks cool. I try to incorporate shapes that I like. There are a ton of these pictures.

https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Файл:High-Current_Copper-Brush_Commutated_Dynamo.jpg here is a good example.

(RickyBlender) #7

you can try to make it low poly but it wont look good
you got to go at least to medium res to have something nice.

lot’s of work ahead good luck
will follow this

happy bl

(Aorta) #8

Latest render:

I have added some material to the rings and the bottom part in SP. Still some modelling is left.

(Aorta) #9

Modelling and the UVs are almost done. Also, I worked on the material a bit, still a lot left.

(Aorta) #10

Worked more on the materials. I added some rust and fixed up the edge wear. Still some tedious modelling work left, that I keep stalling. Also, I will replace the rusted steel smart material that I applied to the screws, to my own rusted material, because the included smart materials in SP are dumb it seems.