Old Fashioned

I’m a HUGE fan of “Mad Men”, so here’s my tribute :slight_smile:
Blender 2.63 + Cycles, 500 samples (full global illumination), 4 Lamps, no “floor” (background is a Gradient Texture), no fluid simulation ( watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pX9j5WHl-c ).
Bye!! :wink:

Nice render! I have a few suggestion though.

The liquid doesn’t really look like liquid. I really can’t put my finger on it, but I think of frosted glass when I look at it. More variations on the ice cube would really help the scene out, right now they look to uniform. Perhaps maybe a background/floor plane would help the image out a little, I don’t really like the harsh black to grey transition.

Other than that I like it, good job.

Thank you for your suggestions; here’s my second version… :slight_smile:


the ice looks all wrong, (way too wiggly) but you are on the right track. Did you use the correct IOR for everything?

Here’s the third version; IORs are ok (Shader is a Mix, factor 0.1, Glass + Translucent), but in the second version I extra-modeled the meshes (maybe I shouldn’t have done that :-))

Hi monsterdog!
Thank you for your suggestions! Here’s the new version.

Ok, here’s the tut! Thank you guys!! :wink: