Old filmcamera

i would like to show you my last projekt, an old Keystone A15-camera from 1956. Render is intern with a lot of AO. It took me one week and i learnd again a lot:)


Stunning, the reflection in the metal is amazing. Angular Map?
the texture may be too rough, though I don’t know the original.
What I don’t like is the glass used for the lens.
The inside of the lens seems too bright, which is hardly ever the case.
nevertheless, 4 stars.

Yes, the lenses are a bit off. Did you give them any thickness, or are they just part of a sphere? That will make a difference there.

The texture is actually perfect, as most of those old ones were leather, iirc. So well done. Great model and excellently lit and textured.


Thanks for reply,
yes the lenses have a thickness and most of the reflctions are an angular map on the material.
today i leave home for one week, if there are more questions i’ll answer next week

Brilliant. Just a beautiful render, both lighting and materials.


Excellent work. Truly masterful work.


wow, thanx for comments!
here is another view (more a testrender for the textures), i had the base-plane two times there and that produced a lot of noise with the AO

Absolutely stunning. Very, very well done. The detail is absolutely lovely. Have to agree with BgDM though about the lenses. Try giving it some thickness and perhaps a different reflection. Also, in the close-up the material looks a bit too low-res, though I’m sure it’s quite big. Ow another thing, the texture above the two lenses looks like it doesn’t follows the curve of the model and is just projected from the front. Ehm, perhaps it’s not clear, ehm. Perhaps it’s just in my head.

Amazing model, the close-up shows the detail fabulously!


that metal is incredible.

A great picture . A great camera.

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Rightfullt moved I’d say. Five stars well earned.

Wow, im in the forum gallery! :slight_smile:
Thanks everybody for your kind comments!
on the metal are two textures uv-mapped (col&nor) and one texture sperical and orco mapped (ref, spec & ray mirr)

hallo momomicha :slight_smile:

hallo xilemina+momicha :slight_smile:

really great and really nice camera

is the leather only a texture or what have you done?

yes it’s only a texture, a bump and a spec map, mipmap and interpol deactivated, bump & spec are greyscale, spec softend in PS

@apfelbeisser:hast du sonst einen anderen namen? blendpolis?

This is brilliant. The modelling, texturing and lighting are all spot on.

I think you’ve done a good job with blender internal, too.

Lovely :slight_smile:

Good grief!!

I’m speechless…:eek:

Could you describe your learning path? [CG/Blender/etc]

OH, and would you mind posting the blend file? I’d love to take a look at that thing…

im not at home this weekend, but i’ll answer next week, for sure :slight_smile: