[Old] Font Selector - Dynamic font management in 3D view

thanks urkokul and handwerker !

just tested the addon on 2.79, seems to work like a charm, don’t hesitate to report any trouble here or on the github :slight_smile:

merci bien, mais (je continue en anglais pour que tout le monde comprenne)

there is some bug (linux, 2.69) that makes the add-on useless - when you are ‘walking’ through fonts it’s changes only between two fonts…
i have installed the “15” version.

Also bought it on his gumroad, very happy with it! and it worked recursively for me. I have Windows, but I don’t let the OS handle fonts, I run with Font Nexus, so it copies active fonts to system folder to maintain a fast OS.

So I end up with fonts on external drive, and in many sub-folders. But as I said it works beautifully with recursive adding fonts in sub-folders. Really really happy with the add-on.

Hi, thanks for the great work.
I am not able to install the addon. My system is a Ubuntu 16.04 and Blender 2.79
Blender displays the message of Installed and the script are in the folder, but not displays in the usaer pref.
Any thought about it?

thanks a lot aermartin ! glad you found it useful ! :slight_smile:

Idco, thanks for reporting ! i’ll investigate on that, which distro do you use ?

thanks for getting back, I’m using blender 2.79 on Ubuntu 16.04

Awesome addon man! I always wondered about the tedious font system. Thanks! I hope they add this to Blender in the future.

Edit: I just bought you a few coffees! :slight_smile:

Nice thanks a lot for your support man ! Glad you find the addon useful ! :slight_smile:

I wonder about the possibility of adding a mechanism to filter out the differently-styled base fonts - in other words, in the display, collapse the five lines of “ACaslonPro-BoldItalic”, “ACaslonPro-Italic”, “ACaslonPro-Regular”, “ACaslonPro-Semibold”, “ACaslonPro-SemiboldItalic”… into just one line “ACaslonPro” (and similarly with all other base fonts in the list).

To select a specific style (ie “Bold”, or “Italic”, etc), perhaps either a bunch of columns (too messy?), or a dropdown on each line (too slow/hard?), or a ‘default weight’ selector at the bottom of the panel (too far away?), or maybe something on the F6 panel?

I think you should add the latest version to Gumroad. I didn’t know there was a new one but after I got the OSX error I saw you had a new version on Github.

After mfm suggestion, I was wondering myself if we could have instead of a single menu with all fonts in subdirectories, having folders for each font category named after the real folder in your drive itself. I do have all my fonts organized by categories and I have a lot of them so having them in one single list is not very efficient.

Hey thanks for suggestion ! i have to say i tried hard to get this work, but basically, blender doesn’t ship any font library for python with classic install.
So it can’t, out of the box, get specific info through python about a ttf otf… file

I tried to find a way to implement external library (like matplotlib for font managing) but i’m not enough a coder yet to achieve that in a realistic amount of time^^ So my hack here is to load all fonts as datablock in blender in order to get basic information of the file (if you take a close look at your font file, their name is not the name the addon display) . This allows to have a quite user friendly font name and not a harsh fontfile name (like BOD for bodoni family…) .
And considering the kind of fonts in a family are not absolute (thin, extra thin, bold, extra bold condensed…), it could be quite unstable to do a name search in order to get a correct family of font strictly based on string comparison… Hope i’m clear about this issue
But if anyone has some knowledge to share, i’d be more than happy to collaborate to achieve that :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out, i just updated it !

And about font folder organisation, i’m not sure about the possible implementation, it had to create several lists and could take some time in the refreshing process. But i see your point, and it could be a checkbox to tick to chose one or another “mode” in prefs. I’ll try to take a look when i’ve got some free time !

Thanks for considering it. Maybe a drop-down menu with all folders inside the path folder saved in preferences would be ideal. So once it builds the list, you just select the subfolder form the drop-down menu you want to look at.

Just in case I would motivate someone with abilities :slight_smile:
Blender has “File Browser” window totally without attention. It could be so powerful window, that can let user browse any asset and drag&drop into scene. After many years only images can be browse ad draped into 3D viewport :frowning:

That could be an even better version for sure. Who made that video?

Hi and thanks for the suggestion !
I see what’s your point with the mockup, but this kind of hack could be really hard to implement and i’m not sure about performance. The fact the font change on mouse hoovering, it has to be a modal operator with could be pretty heavy if you’ve got a lot of font.
Right now, i’m happy with font selector, i wanted it to mimic the way other compositing/editing software works, and it does. There’s a few implementation to make (subfolder organisation…) and ubuntu testing, but aside of that the logic in here won’t change i think.
Sorry about that, hope you like the addon anyway :slight_smile:

Your addon is definitely a big step forward in efficiency :slight_smile: My note comes from the fact - the blender is a complex app covering a wide range of tools (or even professions), usually splited into several programs. For this complexity, it gives me more sense to an asset manager system for blender instead of several separate addons.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) works on blender’s AM, but he’s busy with many other things (as all of us), so I feel sorry to see that gifted coders split their activity into separate personal projects. I know, its totally different situation to manage your free time for project where you invest your limited time to be able to start and mainly finish the addon. It’s mile far from trying to merge into a group of coders to manage something bigger, where you have to wait someone that has to finish some part first, accept opinions of others … etc - its a long run …

I do not want to complain, your addon is awesome, I just smell future in the File Browser mockup, so I would love to see your work as a hard coded part of blender’s AM system instead of loosing your addon in the black hole of time :slight_smile:

ad) Performance - I’m just an end user :slight_smile: From my point of view I do not see why It would be a performance problem. I do not see a differenc between previewing the font by scrolling your list or “my” mouse hovering - same amount of fonts, same preview result, sorry (do not try to explain to me, its waste of time :))

ad) Suggestion - more than organizing in folders, simple search by name I would appreciate.

Everyone is asking for something and I guess having your fonts organized by category folders would make more sense than having to just search a single font. The search function would be good to have after categories have been made. I suppose you have all your fonts in a single folder and that’s not very efficient IMO. In other words, it makes more sense having your fonts organized, therefore, adding categories to this add-on would be more important than having a search function.

Hey vklidu, thanks for taking time for explaining yourself ! yes you’re right about difference between bigger "trunk"project and addons, from my side, and for now, i just use my free time to code some functions i need, nothing else, and be part of a bigger picture would take me a lot of time for sure (and i’m no coder, just enthusiastic :slight_smile: ) but i definitly see your point, however i’m not able to commit more right now.

About performance, i’ll try anyway ^^ : the addon detect every time you change the selected font in the list, it triggers a functions which search in the .txt file in your preferences (the one with font list) the correct path to the font, import it, and apply it to the selected text object. This function is not a big deal for blender, but it’s called once, and it’s finished. But by hoovering the mouse, it has to called the function a lot of times, and the operator has to be running until you close your font browser. And just imagine you make a big movement with your hand and cross your screen from left to right : bim 15 functions in 1/4 s ^^
I’m no coder again (and coders can correct me if i’m wrong) but i think my addon would have to be optimised to apply this logic to it ! (was i clear ? :))

And for search function, it’s builtin in this kind of list, just click the + button down left of the list ! :slight_smile: