Old glory

Hi all!
This is my first post in this forum, so greetings to everyone.
This is an image I’ve been working on. Still have to fix some things around the neck. Definitely, not convinced about the hair, but this child elements are so dificult to handle! I’ll have to redo it, but not today :-. Gimp’d and everything. I want to apply for a job with this image, so be hard!

I’m not qualified to critique, but…


Excellent work, great character, great detail, but I think you need to get some texture on that shirt. I doesn’t seem to be part of the same image to me.

Yeah, the shirt is way too bright, and now that I see it is awfully modeled! I’ll work on that first. Thanks!

I’m pretty new to Blender so take my opinion with a grain of salt lol.
This is beautiful. Loving the details. That being said, I agree with Crazychristina regarding the different textures.

The head is not perfect yet (I think that the textures are a bit too low res and that makes the skin too blurry) but the cloths are stunning. Nice job. :slight_smile:

I love the detail on the clothing, and the expression is pretty interesting - I like the eyes, except the left eye pinching shut seems a little off, maybe because of the wrinkles I expect to move up from the cheekbone - scrunch up your eye and feel the cheek raise up to meet your eye socket.

may want to upp the brightness and contrast of the face to give a crisper look to the wrinkles