Old Guy Head

well im making a head of an old guy to try out those new fancy jahka particles on, when i ran into a problem, i cant get the eyes to fit perfectly in there sockets, plus this is my first complete head with ears and all, so i thought id put it up to get advise and for people to tell me what im doin wrong,

blend - (scroll dow to the bottom of that link to download it)


Perhaps a shot of the wireframe?

here are some more pics,

(i posted this so people could tell me if i had anything proportioned wrong and to see how other people do there eyes)


main problems:

-mesh is to dence
-topology is incorrect
-the eyes should not be so round
-nose quite flat
-proportions are incorrect

see the “My first organic…” thread for an example

Nice project, and I’ve been wondering about those new particles that are coming out. I think I’ve found a bug in the current texture rendering, but was unwilling to try a pre-release build.

See http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1010100#post1010100 for the issues i’ve been having, and a few pics of my first solo model (made without reference to tutorials). I launched into this project soon after following the face and video tutorials that I mention below…

Looking at the image with the textured eyeball, the mesh does look a bit dense, but in the image in face select mode, it looks ok…

I’ve only been using Blender for about a month, but I’ve found that the face tutorial at the bottom of this page: http://blenderartists.org/cms/index.php?id=67 has taught me a hell of a lot. It’s an 80Mb video tutorial, but if you have decent bandwidth, a bit of time to wait, or can download overnight, then it would be well worth it to see how the author deals with the nose and eyes. (click on the image of the face right at the bottom for the link to the file)

Best of luck to you :wink:

http://www.montagestudio.org/video_tutorials/ - go ahead and try this tutorial out. It might help you with the head in general.
http://blenderartists.org/cms/uploads/media/Adrianna_Front.jpg : Front side of the tutorial picture
http://blenderartists.org/cms/uploads/media/Adrianna_Side.jpg : Side view of the tutorial picture



yea the one with the textured eye shows it after its been subdivided
it is actually 331 faces for one side of the head

and you should try the prerelease build, it is completely functional, and the only glitch iv ran into was with the mirror, it is really fun to mess with, if you do want to try it ill upload it for you


i made it without any reference pics so thats why its messed up with the proportions and stuff,

and i have a few questions:
-what do you mean by topology is incorrect?
-what shape should the eyes be?
-which proportions specifically should i fix?

and i will make the nose not so flat

i sculpded it and put on hair just to see what it looks like, but to do this i had to apply the mirror so i still have to redo it with the changes in proportions and stuff


-what do you mean by topology is incorrect?

the topolagy(edge loops) is verry important on human modles, spasificly faces. there is a good tutorial here http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=93651
and as nickteckguy sead http://www.montagestudio.org/video_tutorials/

you dont need that meny polygons, it just makes the model hard to edit.

to smooth use the subsurf modifier (edit buttons>modifiers>subserf)

there is the model without the subsurf in the pic below

the face is already about as low as i could get it, but ill try to take out some edge loops on his head, and i think ill use the smooth from the sculpt mode to give it a more organic look, like it said in that tutorial;)


Nice one for the Montage Studios link, nicktechyguy and hessiess. That face tutorial is the one that I was thinking of. I did the ear tutorial, too. :slight_smile:

Been wondering for a while if these tutorials had been collected in one place.