Old guy with huge... (color update 18.09)

… nose that is, and his ears aren’t from the smallest part of the town either.
He’s going to be old security guard, which I am gonna put in the same scene with my “nefretiti” bust. Might do a small short flick with those two. who knows.

but anyway, here he is:

Looking good. Big nose and ears are right for old people. I think they are the only parts of the body that continue to grow as you age.

Hmm, looks good to me - the ears could need some tweaking, they got no depth. With this hair and the big nose, I hope he won’t look too much like a clown. But I think this depends on your texturing…

I like it and look forward to updates.

wonderful start!
I agree about the ears…

The forms of the head are quite hard. Maybe it should be softer, especially the neck. It’d be easiest just to decrease subsurf level. It looks a bit like the later batman movies’ armours, somewhat stiff.

It does have character and everything seems to be in place. Maybe textures will give it softness. But, anyway, I dont know what you want it to be, so, this is my view of it. Keep it going :stuck_out_tongue: , man!

You can figure out my avatar pic, right ;)?

Superb model, absolutely fabulous but the neck is a bit strange, at the sides, there is a too deep, er, my english sucks, er, rimple?

old dude goes in color. do not mind his hair, i’ll redo that after i get his skin in order.

Keep your comments coming.

Some answers:

Falgor: in that first pic subsurf is on level 1, as it is always when i model something. In renders subrusf i usually use level 3. As it is on this case.

Also, I did some tweaking on his neck and those muscles besides his throat.

Thoro: I hope he’s not too clownish for you :smiley:

Sornen + others: I’ll think about your ear comments. But yeah, they need minor tweaking.

very very good! but the nouse is just a bit too red and the head is too boxy…in my opinion that is…

Nice, but I agree with the boxy head plus the neck is wierd and the eyes are a little sunken in.

Head shape won’t change: I like it as it is. And if you would look around you, you would notice that not everyone has neatly round head.

As for eyes, won’t move, like 'em where they are.

hes got lipstick on !!!

seriously as people get older the lips kinda murge with the skin colour its a lot less defind and a lot less coulourfull. plus i dont like the hair modelling.

It a nice model tho got real character

Did some tweaking on skin texture, notice his new lips. Any better? Also his nose is less red.


Alas, I have not touched his hair texture, so no comments about that yet.

hehe nicw work
the reason i think the necks looks wierd is because the middle of his throut has a different color then the outside, the transition is to big