Old Harley Davidson


(Lutz Rohlfing) #1


this is my latest project. I found a photo of a similar Harley Davidson and decided to make one in Blender. Here are the results. I would like to improve my work, so i would be happy, if you could share your thoughts with me.


(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

You’re #featured! :+1:


Hey, amazing work! The mesh work looks pretty great, nothing to, could you post some more detail shots from the wireframe?

Some suggestions:

  • The aging looks too different for the individual parts. (or is this on purpose?)
  • The resolution is also too different, for example the vertical engines are looking quite lowres in comparison to the pipes that are connected to them

The rest of the textures are looking really good, I like especially the tires and the black metal frame. :slight_smile: What did you use for texturing?

(islara1) #4

honestly the modeling 10/10 other things you have to work more on it you can have 90% realism with such model
good luck thanks for sharing

(Lutz Rohlfing) #5

Thanks for your reply aerobraking.

You are right the furl tank could have aged abit more and the engine is maybe a bit low res. Thanks for that thougt. For texturing i used Blender with textures from https://www.poliigon.com.

(TimoShch) #6

Nice bike! :smiley:

(scandalspk) #7

Amazing Look Nice Work.

(Aelius Technologies) #8

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(leoskateman) #9

You should texture that thing in substance it will look even more awesome than it already is !

Good work mate :slight_smile:

(rombout) #10

I think this bike needs a better light scene. It could look so much better i think. Modeling is really sweet. Perhaps some more love one the materials.

(Lutz Rohlfing) #11

Ok thanks for your tips.:grinning: