Old Indian Arrowhead

Don’t touch it… it’s old. It’s made from an animal tooth of some sort.

I like the way you’ve textured it so that it looks as though it has layers running through it.

brillaintly textured, it looks just perfect! Simple, but very effective

I think it looks ver good yet it should show some chipped edges on the side if it is an arrowhead.

Thanks! I was going for a realistic effect , and this is by far the most realistic render I’ve ever made. I know I can do better in the future though. I have other people here who’s work inspires me to do better.

Looks good. I hope my work inspires somebody, some day.

I have to say that I have seen a lot of arrowheads and have never seen one like that :frowning: The ones that I have seen are usually made of obsidian or something like obsidian.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a really cool looking render.

Well, I kind of think of it as either a bone, tooth, or rock. This is a special arrowhead. :smiley:

This is a special arrowhead.

I stand corrected :smiley: hehehehe.

It actually looks more like a spear head carved out of stone. Oh well! Into exile, I must go… Failed, I have.

Failed you have not! Good is your lighting and materials. Spearhead it could be.

Even a spearhead, I’m not convinced of… the edges need to be sharper. remember, a projectile point is supposed to be able to penetrate someone/thing’s skin/hide/armour… but it’s still a nice render :slight_smile:

You must consider wear and tear for this to work I think, especially if it is bone %|

looks really real but you should rough up the edges…they look too perfect to be old if you knwo what i mean 8)