Old lamp with moon lighting

Hi there! This a old lamp with moon lighting. Lamp modeled with a reference image, rest modeled from the head, I guess. Particle systems for the grass and rocks. I’m still a newbie, I’ve been working with Blender for about 3 months, so any tips will be much appreciated. This took me about 4 days to make. The lighting was the most difficult thing to get right. I some basic composting. I have no idea how what each node does, I just played around and used one tutorial as a reference to composting. The tutorial in question is BlenderCookie, David Ward’s creating an island part 3. This was the final render with the composting stuff. Nearly killed my computer, literally. Well, let me know what you guys think, please bear in mind I’m still a Blender newbie. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Wow, love the lighting. Nice artistic eye you got there :slight_smile:

Reminds me on the monkey island game series from lucas arts!

I see it too dark. Which render engine did you use? It seems to me that this just need some global illumination to be a lot better.
Good work!

I used Blender Internal. Yeah, I see what you mean, I noticed. It’s quite dark… I’ll fix that.