Old Lantern

This is a project I made a while ago. Im working with blender for a year now, and I’m
finally getting proud of my work. I’ve always liked this type of lamps, because I feel they have their own souls. I created this image mostly in blender 2.79, rendered it in Cycles, and used photoshop for editing.

Also, here is the layout of the scene, and the wireframe of the mesh:

Thank you for your time!
Feel free to let me know in the comments what you think.

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You should add some rust on it.

Blender 2.9?lol :rofl:

Actually, I did. It’s quite faint.

Aaaaah, my bad. I corrected it now. :laughing:

Lookin’ good. Perhaps adding a bit more normal/bump map with the rust, scratches, etc. The main shader is a bit flat.