Old Lightsaber

Hello everybody!

As it is my first post on this forum, I’ll quick present myself:
I’m Quentin and I’m 23. I’m currently studying computer science at EPFL in Switzerland. I’ve been using blender for almost 10 years.

For my artwork now:
Being a huge fan of Star Wars and as The Force Awakens is in less than a month, I’ve decided to work on small SW project when I have the time. I started with an old Lightsaber.

The modelling is obviously done in Blender and the render with cycle. The texturing is done in Substance Painter.

Any comments is welcome!

Have a nice day!


joli travail, j’aime bien la fumée qui sort du sabre, confirmant qu’il s’agit bien d’un vieux sabre avec, pour moi, une bonne petite pointe d’humour.

Merci beaucoup! ça fait plaisir :slight_smile: