Old linen tablecloth

…started as cloth test …thin cloth on fairly complex surface…ended up thinking of a long lost friend…maybe should try to get in touch…

There seems to be some scaling issues. When I look at it I think something ain’t right. Put that cigarette in the cats mouth, is it the right size? I was actually expecting a linen texture, but, while the tears in the cloth are nice, I am not seeing any linen texturization.

.yep…with AO the woven bumpmap just gets wiped out…other stuff looks better…but…got tired of it…little kitty ?..

Linen is a top choice for tablecloths and napkins because it is long wearing. Cleaning and care of Antique linen, lace, monogrammed linen and vintage textiles. Irish quality collection consists of a tablecloth, napkins and runners.