Old Man Cartoon

Just some practice with head modeling. I was shooting off of a reference my brother drew which was really, really circular. I ended up morphing it into an old man however.

I sculpted a rough pass with dynamic topology and then retopologized it. Then I sculpted it again using a multiresolution modifier up to level 3. I would have sculpted it further but there was a problem with the multiresolution modifier.

The concept by Ben Godwin

I would love to know what you guys think. I was trying to keep his face very circular while keeping proportions relatively normal.

P.S. I used the Matcap feature in 2.66 to showcase the model.

Sorry the previous photos are without the sculpt. Here is the sculpted version.

Fabulous model, it really feels very lifelike, I would love to see this fellow in movement!

I agree with Mookie3d! Looking great so far and would love to see more!

Thanks for all the compliments. Unfortunately I just don’t usually rig characters that often. Perhaps I’ll put him on Blend swap and somebody else might want to.

The topology is good… but If you want make a old man I think that make a face with two or three creases doesn’t help.

Thanks for the critique. For this one I was trying to keep things very cartoony, but yes I really need to work on my wrinkle sculpting skills.