Old Man "We"

I haven’t touched blender for almost a month, finally Winter Break has crepted in. I have a bit free so I thought, might as well. :slight_smile:

This is a concept image, sort of a goal…

and a wireframe shot:

oh yeah, I also updated my avatar… as you can see :smiley:

yeah, i like him.
very cool mesh

Can you please tell me how you modeled this guy? I’m not very good at modeling and I dont know how you modeled this smooth mesh with only a few edge loops…

It’s called subsurf, Jassar :wink:
Nice model, Calvin!
I’d like to see the finished product.

Yes, I know what subsurfaces mean :slight_smile: , what I meant is if he could show us the steps of the modeling process.
And another thing, when I subsurf my mesh the lines are not on the mesh but as a cage, how can I make them drawn on the mesh?..Sorry for all the stupid questions:p

I can’t really see any problems, myself. Actually, without the glasses he reminds me of a guy I knew. He was actually really cool for someone who was 70. XD

It’s that little unlabled circular icon on the subsurf panel.

Calvin, this is awesome. Another minimum vertex maximum detail opus. I second Jassar’s request, maybe not a tutorial, per se, but an over the shoulder look at you modeling. A video tut maybe? You really know how to get Blender to work for you.

one hell of a chin. great start

You achieve so much detail with so few edge loops in complex areas like the nose…

I love it! really feels organic.

insane modelling!Tutorial please!