Old Man


Just got back into 3D after long break lets see if i can still do this : )
purely an anatomy texture hair etc, where is my shortcut gone?! study.
get this guy looking as accurate as i can.

This is what i have so far.

and the practices used to get used too the tools.

First thing i think is some proper eyeballs.
and some retopo my pc does not like 1mil polys…

Thanks for looking : )

I like the facial features and “look”, But IMO the skull crown is too tall.

In general - the skull is divided in half proportionally.
The distance from bottom of chin to bottom of eyes is one half. And from bottom of eyes to top of the skull is second half. They should be roughly equally. Roughly.

With the exception of teeth loss. Then there is loss of bone as well in the jaw and the distance from chin to eye gets shorter. And obviously a function of age and wear and tear

So having said that, … you’re work is probably accurate!

thanks fxr, finally got round to tweaking this some.

also some retopo and into substance for some blue paint cause why not. Then some hair which currently looks more like stuck on than growing out.

still no eyes…