Old Mill

Hi Guys, finally had time for another short study project!

This time i’ve decided to look at references for something new to create, and stopped in the beautiful concept arts from Alice in Wonderland by Scott Lukowski, which inspired me to create a new project for training purposes

Here’s a link to the Artist page: http://scottlukowski.com/concept-art/the-march-hare-house-concept-01-alice-in-wonderland-2010

Took me few days to approach into this scene, and the full project was complete in about a week.

All the foreground objects are actually geometry, i’ve started this as a low poly mesh for training but oops :smiley:
The background is some kind of matte painting attempt to create mood, done in photoshop

For those curious on the grass, i’ve made several groups of grass blades to give a nice random look in the final scene, the shader tree for them also has a object info node connected to a hue/saturation to give some randomness in the color side of things

Altogether theres around 10 particle systems, from grass to bush and small rocks,cant even imagine the total amount of polygons this thing has, for some mystical good programming reason my humble desktop stands very well with this, requiring only around 700mb in the render for a WQHD framing w/ dozens of scatters and textures.

Any crits, questions or anything else, feel free to ask :wink:

Great mood and composition, I love it! Very well done! :yes:

Love it!!! Keep it up!:yes:

wow! great image. I love the feel you gave to it. nice work!

@VickyM72, @SynaGl0w, @johnnygibbs:

Thanks guys, glad you liked it!
motivates me to do a lot more! :wink:

Incredible work! Just awesome!

Great work. The entire composition is very well organized!

superb ; hope to see more

It looks awesome. I really like the atmosphere and the realistic grass.

Excellent work, I’ve found nothing to criticize. :slight_smile: Except that you make me jealous!

I can’t stand it anymore…
Put it in the top row already…
For earth!

Wow, thanks for all the kind words!

To be honest, lately i was not really excited about 3D field in general, but this kind of reception by you all have really made an incredibly positive effect to me, and i’m already planning new scenes even bigger and greater thanks to this!

Wow!!! I have no words to describe it!

Very good work, I love it. Congrats.

Wow…Awesome…I love it…every thing is Fine!

lovely composition, will done.

Awesome work, it reminds me of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow :slight_smile:

Great scene man!

Perfect execution man. this is fantastic.

Looks awesome.

Thanks for all the love guys!

its also a honor to be featured in the blender artists fb page and here, never imagined something like this happening, so thanks all <3