Old Sandals

Hi All,
With this project I want to focus on

  • 3d asset creation pipeline in general
  • sculpting in specific

This is my first project in which I want to add sculpting and retopo in my overall workflow. I chose this object because it has some interesting surface detail like stitches and old leather look. It poses a nice little challenge and hopefully wont take me so long so as I loose interest.

Ref Images:

Step 1: Base Mesh

Step 2: Scultpting Details


WOW!!! Those ref photos look almost real!!! Oh wait… They are! LOL!!

I think you have a good start going. Would love to see the final result.

Step 2: Sculpting some wear and tear

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Nice job! I predict that it will be hard to tell which are fake and which are real when you are done :slight_smile: Modeling wise you seem to have nailed it already!