Old school Atari joystick

I got bored yesterday and made this. Not the most complex model on Earth, but I think it turned out pretty good.

I don’t think I’ll bother rigging it so the joystick moves and the rubber base flexes with it though. :smiley: Now I’m tempted to try modeling some other old classics


looks nice, try using “save image as…” in blender.

Hey, lookit that. :slight_smile:

I thought Blender was supposed to automatically save rendered images/animations to the folder specified in the Output window, but it hasn’t been doing that for me lately. I was just screen capturing it and pasting into MSPaint, but your idea is much better. 8)

And now that I think about it, I should probably add the cord …


I’ve got one of those in my console collection.
As a matter of fact…it was my second console in my life,
the first one to take cartridges.

Ahhh…the memories…I’ve still got one boxed…with the
joysticks and all (these joysticks are notorious for getting
the plastic-ring inside broken the first weeks of playing with it.)

Oh yeah…and about the actual image. Nice work, exept…
it’s not that short. The stick itself is quite long, not that stubby.
(I know…because I own a couple).

Also…try bevelling the result a bit, it’ll make it appear nicer,
it’s not supposed to be that sharp.

take care, and nice work.

Beveled the base a bit (and widened the gap around it so it’s more visible), made it taller, added a cord, duplicated it, and changed the angle.

I think I’ll call it “Would you like to play a game?” :wink:


I have no idea what the cord looks like at the base of the thing though. Maybe it just comes out a hole, maybe it has a flexible bit of rubber around it. So I’m kind of hiding that part here. :slight_smile: Otherwise, I think it’s done …

Hey looks good. And quite accurate to.

awesome!! the atari was my first console, and an few weeks ago i bought a “new” one at some market. mannn just look at it :smiley:

specially like this pic in your gallery

It looks a little too grainy. But other than that, it’s great! Totally real.


Your wood texture looks a little pixely and lo-res, and that’s my only complaint. The rest looks good.

It looks real to me. Great job. I bought a new set of these off ebay, and sure enough, the plastic ring in one of them is already cracked. It still works though.