Old School Breakfast - Bread and Jam

Hey guys,
I’ve tried to post this but it didn’t uploaded I guess.
So, here is my project, my frist one and my first post in blenderartists. Since is my first real project I would like to hear your critiques and how to enhance it.
I think I could improve the strings in the cloth, but I would love to hear more from you guys.
Thanks a lot!


An interesting piece with a lot of attention to detail. The overhead viewing angle is unusual, but I think it works well because of the deep shadows. Nice job! I love the wrinkles on the fabric.

Composition-wise, I’m not sure what to look at. The white cloth at the lower center edge seems to POP, but so does the red fruit in the center. The knife edge looks like it’s leading your eye somewhere … but doesn’t.

Aside from this nit-picking, GREAT JOB!!! The texturing is beautiful and the overall effect is very tactile. I love the level of detail, like the strings on the cloth. I don’t know how you’d even improve that!

Thanks guys!

The composition and angle of view was inspired from a scene in the movie The Last Temptation of Christ by Scorsese.

I agree with you on the knife edge, it should point more towards the apple (my interpretation of temptation - altough I`m not religious nor anything -, and despite not having it in the original scene). So, I think I should point the knife a little bit more towards the apple I guess, because everything else is kind of pointing towards it!