Old Science

I changed my last work to new mood.
I used Br’cks Shader from Simon Thommes for wall bricks.

Reference picture from “Inside the Spark-Filled Home of a Vintage Electric Machine Collector”

And wireframe


I do like the mood of that work. Really nice and reminds me my university : )

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Thanks a lot. so this is a different mood I tested. My wife liked the previous one too. :slight_smile:

Your university looks like this? Dang, I’m jealous, we don’t have any skulls or mad scientist tech at my college!
To be serious, though, this does look really good. I love all the detail- especially that you haven’t used the same material for all your glass. I can see at least four different glass materials, which adds a nice level of realism. Good work!

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It was medical university and quite an old one, so we had some of that things there : )

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thanks to you for your attention to details.:cherry_blossom:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot dear bart.:cherry_blossom:

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