Old Scripts in Blender 2.53?


I have been trying out some of my old Blender Game files in Blender 2.53. Everything seems to work fine but where I have refferences to “importing Mathutils” in Python scripts, its not finding Mathutils…(as stated in the console window)

Now I noticed that 2.53 runs with a bundled version of python, not like 2.49b which I was using before…(with Python 2.6.2) I also noticed there is no scripts folder in the Blender 2.53 install, like it use to have in 2.49b.

I am not looking for long explanations…unless you want to…:)…but more…can I solve this issue quickly(how)…or has things changed completely with 2.53 that these scripts simply wont work anymore?


Blender 2.5 uses python 3.1 and with changes to the blender python api, older scripts will have to be updated to work.

Try it in all lower case (import mathutils)
As long as the script doesn’t produce deprication warnings in 2.49, and the code is updated to python3.1 (most common difference is using print as a function instead of a statement), getting the script to run in 2.5 should not be a lot of work.

Thanx…Will give that a go!

Instead of scene.objects[‘OBCube’], use scene.objects[‘Cube’]