Old sewers WIP

heres a render for a concept ive been playing around with. This scene will play a huge role in the next few animations im doing so it needs to be decent. any crits welcome.

i have plans to put dirt, junk and moss in there, ive just got to figure out how to do it. as well as put a small ammount of water in there.

Umm maybe it’s just me but…I can’t see ANYTHING

http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j340/deadparrotsociety/SEWERS2.pnghmmm?!? it is supposed to be dark and dank. but heres one with more light. it looks crap now and i have these red lines on bricks

DeadParrot maybe your screen is darker than usual, because we can’t see anything. I would like to see lighter image, it seems interesting.

i can see both on the lowest brightness setting on my computer. The second one has as much light as i want to put in it without it looking like its underwater.

again, its intended to be a dark scene but if no one can see it i dont know what to do.

Give us some clay renders to work with. Along with a heavily lighted generic view type render. Remember, you see more in an animation because your mind can put together the pieces better and create a more effective depth to the image. In a still however we can’t see anything much at all.

I can see some kindof wavy lines on the left, a kindof circular type object emitting light (I think, hard to tell. Might even be some square shaped lights going to the floor) I can see some kind of brick down there somewhere.

More light, clay renders.

ok… the first one is exactly the same lighting, no changes, just with no texture. and ive turned of the renderability of the cube surrounding the mesh.

a this one is after messing with the texture …which i didnt enjoy doing. it still doesnt look like it should.

There’s a difference between atmospheric and just dark. I’m afraid yours is just dark. Light defines form - without it, forms may as well not exist in renders. I know you want it dark, but in my opinion, it needs more light. There is no drama, just inky blue black with some nondescript forms here and there. It’s not an arresting image - I’m not compelled to look into the dark corners. I like the concept, just add some drama.

Maybe you need some lighting tutorials? Look around on the web, and not specifically to blender b/c you just need a good setup to light a dark scene.
What i mean is if you look at a movie…any dark scene it is clearly visible where the characters are and what is around the characters, usually there is a source of light somewhere.
Unless it is a horror movie a guess and they completely turn off all the lights and all you can hear is voices then a chainsaw sound and then everyone screaming, then lights come back on and everyone is dead…except 2 people or something… but that is besides the point.