Old Style Office Equipment

I’ve been learning Blender for about 3 years now and this is my first finished project, insofar as anything is ever finished in my mind… so not. But, my gf told me I have to stop messing around and just put something up on blenderartists…


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Awesome render good job,

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Thanks Jordon

Nice images!

Some of the renders are a bit noisy, though, especially at light spots. Have you tried to increase the resolution, or the sampling? Have you enabled the Denoising tool?

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Thanks Alejandro

Yeah I need to work on noise reduction perhaps, to be honest in the 1st and 3rd pictures it was intentional stylistically, I added it in post processing (GIMP). The 5th image I added with GIMP as well, I was trying to go for a smoky feel, perhaps I wasn’t so successful :slight_smile: The only “pure” image without PP is the 4th one.

This light gave me a bit of trouble with noise unfortunately.

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Removed :slight_smile:


Wow! You should’ve started posting sooner! I like the warm color schemes too.
Perhaps EEVEE could help with the noise for some of your renders the shadows were recently improved a ton.

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Oh, yes, I see: that “vintage blur” effect, ha, ha. But yes, I referred specifically to light noise, which can be also seen in the unprocessed 4th image.

I also think you should have started posting sooner! :smiley:

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Haven’t had the chance to use EEVEE yet, I was waiting for the official roll-out of 2.8 before diving into it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m still not clear why some lighting situations create more noise than others. I know glass is a big factor.

Exactly. All the effects that play with light (reflection, refraction, SSS… ) tend to create a lot of noise, because of the difficult paths rays follow in those scenarios. Try the tricks I posted in my first comment :slight_smile:.

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Yeah thanks man, I didn’t even know the Denoising tool was there, :hushed: . Resolution was 100% and around 1500 samples.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks Bart :slight_smile:

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I really like the modeling and the setup here, and the only “crit” that I would make (ref. shot #1) is:

“The Almighty Product® has got to be sharp!”

I like the color and the balance of all of the shots, generally, but IMHO when a photo is there to feature “a product,” it should depict that product better than it could ever look in real life.

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Hmm… OK, it’s good to know, I never really thought about it to be honest but it seems logical. :slight_smile: