Old Train

I’m currently working on this train. The “rendered” version is def not what the finished will look like. I just wanted some type of bg to see what I had so far. feel free to give any suggestions

I think there is nothing to suggest for now, except to flip the normals on some objects :slight_smile:

how can I tell where normals need to be flipped?

in the screenshot of the viewport you can see that some objects have a blue tint. This indicates that your viewing the backside of the face, which can cause problems when working with modifiers or shading later on.

You can also check this when your in Edit Mode, in the properties panel (“N”), under Mesh Display click on the Face-symbol. It will show a blue line that tells you which direction the face is pointing.


thank you both! will look into it

almost done with modeling now. going to check on the normals now

Your train looks really good! Are you going to animate it?

Thanks Anthony and I’m really not sure. I haven’t messed with animation much at all, I’m still new to blender. Really fighting with textures now. I know the “Paint” scheme I have gone with doesn’t really much the era of the train, but ive made it almost look futuristic even though its an older style.

Here is where it stands so far. Still working on fire flies and thinking of how I want the bg to look, but I’m trying for a futureristic almost space like train

any ideas of a good bg for this?