Old wallet

here’s a little project I have worked on last week. And it has become an old wallet. My main focus was the subject lighting and materials. There are few images attached showing the development of the final image.

I hope you enjoy it!

best regards,

Final Result:


Wow, looks really good, did you use image textures for the wallet?

very nice!

I´ve used some textures but only for bump mapping
the material consists mainly of nodes.

I think that it looks quite-convincingly like a “real” wallet. Well done.

For me it looks too perfect. There are signs it was used (bending and warping) but no wear on the leather. Mainly on wallet corners.

Really good. It’s hard to give critiques on a low-detail, well-executed scene like this, but I think you should use a higher resolution texture on the wood.

Amazing piece!

Thanks for feedback that really motivates me… so I tried to improve the wallet further. The texture now has a higher resolution (but could be even higher) and I have tried to give the surface more worn appearance. Also the lighting and the Color Lookup is adjusted slightly.

But I do not know whether it looks better than the last result.

Have a nice day!

Well i am @ laptop now not using my color calibrated display. Here the last render seems better to me. Did recently similar thing but new wallet for product presentation. Love yours

Love the lighting! You should use a normal map with close ups like these because the bump map is looking a little flat on the wallet. Looks really awesome though.