Old work improvement

Hi all, i had this idea to revisit some old work and see if i can improve it. In this case i chose my first ever post on BA from 5 years ago! I had an idea that we could start a thread for Old Work Improvement just so everyone can see how much they improved over time. This was eye opening for me because i could definitely see the difference.

Here is a link to original post: Futuristic Apartment

I saw a lot of opportunity for improvement and decided to use EEVEE instead of Cycles. Original images were rendered in Cycles at 2500 samples and took on average 6 hours to render. EEVEE at 128 samples took less then 3 minutes!

Everything was modeled and lit in Blender (no post). 80% of assets were proceduraly textured in Blender, the rest was textured in Substance Painter. Bed cover and pillow were done in Marvelous Designer.

Warning! A lot of images:

Thanks for looking!!


Nice improvement! love the atmospheric effect

Thank you!