Older Woman WIP

My goal for this project is to produce a semi-photorealistic render of an older woman (late 50’s, early 60’s) as a personal study of anatomy and materials. The basemesh, UV’s, materials, and rendering will all be done in Blender. Zbrush may only be used for texturing and displacement but I am going to try to do everthing in Blender.
Please feel free to criticize and advise. I’m not a pro and I hope to learn a few things along the way.


UV’s added.


Very nice,
good job on unwraping,
were you gonna set the mesh smooth?

Hi Salvadore,
I’m not sure what you mean by set the mesh smooth.

There is a button you can use to smooth the mesh, it looks like you have sub surf on, but you havent “set smooth” the mesh
it is in the edit panel, you can set the object smooth, or in edit mode select all the verticies, and then set smooth,

Thanks Salvadore,
I have been using Blender for two years and I’m pretty well versed, but I always used subsurf or multires for smoothing, all the while this great feature was right under my nose. I think I’m going to learn a lot from this WIP.


Thats it,
it is a great looking model you got there

dude best unwrap i have ever seen of a human head… very well done and the lady is prety good
I know i am not a very expirienced blenderer but… look at that CENTER vertice of the head its a common flaw but for some reason it turns out wrong sometimes… likes it too forward ahead of the rest of the head usually… well its supposed to go up a bit but u shud bring it back slightly so it doesnt stand out too much.
also THE details of that mesh are very well done… and grats on the ears dude. =)
5/5 on everything
10/5 on the unwrap lolz (i can see ur expirience strongly in how well done it is)

Thanks for the feedback and comments; constructive criticism is so helpful to me.
Photogen: I agree completely on that center vertice, I’ll smooth that out later this weekend.

i cant wait to see it done =)

Quick makeup test, no Zbrush; no displacement yet. I think I going to attempt to do everything in Blender and see how far I get, maybe Zbrush won’t be necessary after all.


Blender internal render with multi-res.
Hi rez here: http://www.mediafire.com/?efyfvmq90zo


she looks high lol. you might want to put a different expression on her face

I agree regarding the expression, but I still have lots of work left to do. I won’t be changing the pose until after the eyes/hair are added and the face is rigged.

Some multi-res sculpting in Blender. I added eyes, but they still need work.
Hi-Res: http://www.mediafire.com/?5izmodr1mzo


I think you should do something about the mouth. It looks like a three year old has been playing with lipstick. :^j

But the sculpted skin turned out very nice.

Yes, the mouth is definitely in need of work. I will be spec mapping and sculpting the lips soon. Thanks for the comments and crits; I have two weeks off starting tomorrow and I’ll be able to spend a lot more time on this WIP.

Lips slightly improved, multilayer render composited in PSP. I’m going to attempt a blender nodes composite at the end. Teeth, tongue, gums, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair are next.


Added teeth, gums, tongue, inner mouth. Still playing with skin material settings. C&C is very welcome; I want to know how I can do better.
Hair is next!


nice job, its coming along well.

I had a question… I’m new to blender, how did you get the wrinkles and whatnot on the face, is that sculpting or did you use zbrush to do that?