OldmanWIP ( update 30/7)

[>] My finished project became a WIP, so I’m really sorry to post this topic here instead of finished projects. Thanks a lot!

So here is my last update:


That looks very good! Three things I noticed that could use improvement (only three, that’s very good;) ):

  1. Parts of his face are shiny where they should not be. Think about using a specularity/hardness map. Only foreheads and noses are really that shiny, not cheeks or chins so much.

  2. His skin looks WAY too smooth for an old person. It looks like you may have some bump maps for his forehead and a little on his chin, but the normal “skin cell/pore” bumps aren’t there. They should especially be visible on his nose.

  3. The top part of his ear looks a little strange. I think it’s because it doesn’t go up high enough from where it’s connected to the rest of his head. Maybe don’t move his ear up, but move the connecting flesh down a bit.

I’ve been missing for some time %| . Here are new pictures with all the body.

C&C are welcome.

i’m very impressed with the work I’ve seen of yours. Good to see you’ve got some of your work on the SIGGRAPH demo.

Overall modelling and proprtions and the details on his head and torso look good to me.

His left hand looks a bit too blocky. And one of his ankles didn’t look quite right (Right hand image, right ankle) - it looks err… swollen maybe. wasn’t sure if that was deliberate or not.

As we get older, I think I read that our skin gets thinner and more papery. You’ve managed to capture something of his age in his head and torso, but his arms and legs look too thick and muscular / smooth I think.

Keep up the good work

it’s funny, but i think he look like Sarkozy (eyes)

nice modeling
continu :slight_smile: