"oldschool" interior

Hi, this is my latest work. It’s not finished yet-some textures missing and I will probably make some details. It’s rendred without heater, which is under the window, because render is faster without it.
Any C&C are welcome.


The outside looks very drab, obviously just out of radiosity treatment. As you said, there need to be some more textures. The soda can is a funny shape… it’s not tall enough. The window should have some hinges, too.

Mm… I think that the whole picture would be much more interesting if you moved some elements or changed camera angle or something like that… rethinking the lightning?.

I am no expert but sometimes when you moves some elements it help “drawing the eye” on certain part of the image and makes it interesting…

I don’t really know how to say it clearly though!

i like it. the lack of colour gives it an interesting feel, but it makes the coloured elements stand out, and i am not sure if that was intentional? what is the focus of the image? as has been stated, the composition could use some thought. as is, the focus would seem the be the reflection on the TV screen. i think the lighting works with the overall saturation of the image.

jim ww

The soda can is a funny shape

LOL @ Plantperson; the TV’s on a chair, there’s no carpet or rug, no curtain, the walls haven’t been painted and the bed’s on the floor. It’s a baked beans can and it’s on the floor because there’s no trashcan. There’s no trashcan because the money was spent on smokes.

That’s the mood I see. Everybody is out on the fire escape quaffing beer and passing a dooby around. With that in mind there could definitely be some stains on the floor, some hooks, nails and whatnot in the walls and more filth around the skirtings.


If everyone is outside drinking and smoking, perhaps try and add in some smoke swirls in the lamp halo you have shining into the window. The can of “beans” looks more like a half-can of pepsi, at least that was my first impression. The tv tube could be a bit darker. Are you going for the “desaturated” look, or have you just not applied any colors yet? I’d imagine the wood floor would have a bit richer of a color, even if it were dirty and unkept, as would the chair, unless it’s been painted white. Overall scene looks really nice though, keep it up.

yes, that’s the mood i thought. But its not baked beans can… it is… PEPSI can… :smiley:

its very grey, theres little to no contrast at all. theres nothing that really draws you into the depth of the image.

yes, that’s the mood i thought. But its not baked beans can… it is… PEPSI can…

Yes, clearly it is the snack size.

This is very good so far, and has the potential to become really good sort of still life image.
If you’re trying to emphasize a dirty mood, increase the contrast of your image, and maybe add a few more elements, like perhaps a puke stain on the wall, a dead plant, a dirtier floor, etc.

small update…some things added…

Okay, I have only one crit. Contrast.


Other then that i think it is very nicley done.

it’s good, but imho too dark. Outside the room is sunny spring day

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