scene I made to practice my modeling lighting and texturing.

more screenshots and other blender project : https://www.artstation.com/nakinak

Very nice interior render! You’ve really put effort to the smallest detail here. I think composition-wise this piece could’ve worked a bit better if there was some kind of main element of focus, like some item on the bed that would’ve been highlighted by the sunbeams from the window or some such thing. I say this because now there is so much going on with all the items lying around so it’s a bit difficult to find the main gist of this scene.

Thanks yes totally agree. I need to composite this well cause there is a lot going on. My main purpose for this scene is to make a game environment which a player can look things and find clues of whats going on but for now I just rendered in cycles just to give me some preview lighting that I want to achieve in a game engine… Ill be bringing this all to UE4. Thank you for the advice.

Love that you have put so many details into that room!