Oldskool elysiun style *Bump*

I just want to tell to all those who don’t prefer the eye-gauging whites (in my opinion), that there is also, among the many styles, the “old elysiun theme” style. You need the “stylish plugin” for firefox in order to use it, get it here.

The original elysiun style by “reD_Fox” can be found here: http://userstyles.org/style/show/1424
Thanks reD_Fox.

However, I made slight modifications to it myself to make it better, in my opinion.

Here is my modification of reD_Fox’s original elysiun theme (if you want it you can copy it to the styles) download style from here

My modified style looks like this


Very nice! Thanx!

Hi Falgor, we appreciate your effort, but we’ve not waited that long to get in the beginning again. Elysiun is history. The most of the people would like Blenderartists few glitches fixed and everything running well.

I’ve already assumed that my eyes will last a couple of years less. :smiley:


Good stuff Falgor, I agree this new template is really hard on the eyes, not to mention it’s really messy and harder to find things. Being used to Elysiun I think i’m going to do that.

I liked that old elysiun theme. i will try this when i decide to get that style extension.

Ahh, sweet orange and grey… I missed you.


Now I can view the forums without the need of sunglasses. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll bite…

How do I use them?

Firefox with stylish addon

Well, some will object, but hey, I feel at home again!

That was way to easy…Thanks!!!

I’ll be happier if the font size of the BlenderArtists’ skin would be set greater 2 or 3 points.

u can increase the font size on here’

hold cntrl+ scroll up

this is great. thanks.

Hehe, thanks for posting this here Falgor. I’m glad others like it, although I kind of created it tongue-in-cheek after reading

Also, Falgor, you added some very nice improvements! I didn’t exactly incorporate them, but you did inspire me to tweak the theme a bit (adding padding and quote/code-block colors, among other things). The only thing I haven’t touched yet is the text composer. Too bad the icons and buttons aren’t tagged, or I could get them to match, too.


I don’t really know what “I didn’t exactly incorporate them” means. However, It IS a bit laughable to have even the old elysiun LOGO on the top header… actually it’s really wicked, and funny :D:D:D:D, hehehehe. Gets you good laughs, “olde elysiun”. And considering they made the new “blenderartists.org” design and all, it’s a bit rebellious ;), but hey, I will always call it elysiun, that’s what it was and I liked it, besides… it’s a lot shorter than blenderartists forum, so it’s easier and faster to type in irc.
I won’t let go of the old elysiun! Long live Elysiun ;)!

And thanks a lot reD_Fox :)/*:)/

Of course big thanks to the guys who did the new forum, too.

Fentabulous :D:D
Thanks reD_Fox also for Falgor for posting it up. :slight_smile:

I make gourav’s my own words!

Simply amazing!
Thank you very much!

Anybody know how (if) can I do it in Opera?

Seeing them next to each other shows how outdated the old one was. The new one looks much more stylish and more like an artists’ site. All it needs is a few touches here and there to make the posts more readable and preferrably centre the forum. The orange stripe doesn’t align with the image on my Safari browser either.