OLED Goggles?

Two companies that I know of make head-mounted-displays that use organic light emitting diode screens, like miniature LCDs. They can be used for stereo gaming.
Can Blender modeling be viewed in real-time stereo using such a rig (not for end-result image or animation viewing)? I’m having a hard time finding out about this.
Do you know about this or anyone in the Blender community that can give me a definitive answer about the issue of real-time viewing of modeling for 3D creation apps, especially these goggles. The companies don’t seem to respond (bad sign). :yes:
Peter aka shokan

I don’t think the Blender interface has an actual setting for it, but if you want to model in a stereoscopic environment, you can simply use split-screen (any multi-monitor graph card should do) and set up two 3D windows guided by cameras. Turning your head and such is not included, tho.

Otherwise, I think the only thing in Blender that uses stereoscopics is that the Game Engine lets you make goggle games :slight_smile:

BTW, do you have URLs for those two companies? I’d love to see how far the technology has come…

Interestingly Solidworks 2006 does have stereoscopic options for this… but Solidworks 2007 and onwards has removed support.

Its very 1980’s unfortunately.


Here are the links:
Is it possible to set up two cameras with the correct distance apart for stereo and then have two viewports side-by side in the workspace of Blender showing those two perspectives? If so, which one, left or right, do I do the work on? Either? The reason I ask is that I have found this:
It should allow me to view these two views as I work. Do most 3D apps have this two camera side-by-side option for modeling?
BTW, do you use a 3D app with IZ3D? Which one?
Here’s another stereoscopic monitor I found:

I think yes. Never tried.

If so, which one, left or right, do I do the work on? Either?

I think either

BTW, do you use a 3D app with IZ3D? Which one?

No, but considering something like that.

If you have a Nvidia card you can download a driver that allows for 3d viewing with various goggles and glasses. This works for anything that uses open GL

We have a Cybermind Visette45 HMD here and we tried to get some steroscopic view.

Results for Blender Game Engine: It works if you export your environment to .exe and run it in full screen. Therefor you have to install additional nividia stereo driver to switch to stereo mode. The driver allows you to switch between stereo and clone view using hotkeys and you can see it working as the stereo-view has definetly two slightly different views for both eyes (LCDs). If you run the BGE inside Blender the stereo view cannot be toggled.

In normal view (when you work on your .blend) we can not trigger stereo mode by driver-hotkeys. We only get a cloned view.