Olive-Skinned Korean Girl

I just watched Alita… seeing this image creates such a strong flashback! :smiley:

sick, great image!

Thank you all! It means a lot seeing these comments.

I got you covered! :slightly_smiling_face::+1: The shader itself is fairly simple, it only looks messy because of the adjustment nodes. The two attribute nodes are referencing vertex color maps. The Less/More Slider is expanded at the bottom. I provided the SS radius values I used but I believe the scales needed depend on the creators preferences.

I have a pretty weak computer compared to the system requirements for stuff like this. That said, it took about 5.5 hours using 1024 samples. Denoise had a radius of 4 and strength of .25

Yeah, it definitely looks much better, good job!

really great, realistic.
thanks for sharing the shader.

amazing work , Congratulations :clap:

Outstanding, what I like best is the wetness in the eyes, kudos !

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@MesaPhysical hello there could u please share with us any resources to learn how to make such
skin texturing

Well, the skin diffuse, bump, and gloss were done in Mari so I had a layer system that really helped. The resources I used were mainly from analyzing high resolution images of skin until I could train my eye to see the finer details. (By looking back I think that may be the hard way of doing things.)
What helped for me the most were cross-polarized images of heads. I found good ones hard to come by but really useful.

For the finer details, I used images from skin scans. These showed where a face would have freckles, red spots, UV skin damage, and larger pores.

I also found a Youtube video covering the subject very well. I kind of wish something like this was around when I got started. Hope this helps!