Olive-Skinned Korean Girl

Hello People!

After about a few weeks of peoples advice and reworks, I’m going to call this done. The skin’s bump map used some Texturingxyz. Rendered in Cycles 2.79b.

This was the older version from the Focused Critique Topic.

For the sweater, here are the texture maps I created using a seamless texture from textures.com

(From top left to bottom right: Albedo, Bump, Displacement, Normals, and Gloss)!


Quite honestly, I think you should move this lady straight to The Gallery, and start on your next character! I’d be hard-pressed to find something that would make her more realistic than she already is.

Excellent face, skin, look, and setting

The sweater cloth texture is outstanding

Thanks guys! :grin:
This was heavily inspired by Teruyuki’s Saya Project and Flaze Chen and I really wanted to see if it was possible to get a render similar to theirs in Blender.

Looks pretty great so far - very impressed with the sweater texture and how you’ve mapped it.
To be honest I think that the skin is not quite there yet - not sure if it is SSS or not. The near in particular looks very plastic, I think there should be more light coming through.
Also the lips could do with a bit more bump and the region between the lips and the rest of the skin seems too well defined.
Very much nit-picking though… Did you texture this in Blender directly?

Amazing work!

Okay! :thinking:
The skin’s diffuse, displacement, and gloss were done in Mari. Bump map was done in Blender. Sweater was all in GIMP and xNormal.

Really great work had to look hard to find something but the shape of her ear does not seem completely right. I think the big flat area in the top of the ear should have more wrinkles and variations.

The rest all looks very realistic to me!

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!


Really nice. I think the lip isn’t not shiny enough and is too defined ? If she is wearing make up ? The lip don’t look normal .

Also the skin on the ear look not enough subsurf. Normally it’s more’ translucid ?

Took me forever to get back to this project, but I think I’ll call it finished!


Great work.

You should make her smile!


Okay, wow, I thought she was real at first.

You’re #featured! :+1:


wow… wow… awesome … wow…
that’s a touch of reality…
would you be so nice and share some skin shaders with us?
kind regards

WOW! This is unbeleivable, one of the best peices of 3D art I have seen. Amazing.

congratulations, amazing work. If possible do it more facial expressions for her

Amazing realism!

Not bad helluva realistic :no_mouth:

This is insane, how long did the render take? How many samples is she?