Olympic Wallpapers

Well, here’s a wallpaper that’s just about the Olympic logo, it does have a bit of a digital feel, but again, mostly the logo. These were done for the contest on Blender Battles.


Hope everybody likes them!
(I know that that’s not the way the rings normally hook together, but I liked how it looked better.)


nice although i won’t be taking them for my background.

did you pp those flares?

maybe a transparent yafray render would make it really cool - and if the rings were more 3d?!

  • did you use my theme for making these? did you find it easier (except for text input! :frowning: ) :wink:

It’s pure blender w/ the exception of my sig.

I did use your theme!


Great - hope it worked better! did you use the sequencer for your sig - cause if you did then it is super pure! :wink:

Nice image.

One crit: You messed the logo up a little. The black ring should only be attached to both the lower ones, not the top ones, and the bottom two shouldn’t be together either.


I know I messed up the logo, and I added the sig in gimp, but I’m planning on using curves to model it in blender so that I can just insert it in the sequence editor and say